Watch the Pacific Rim 2 Crew Celebrate John Boyega's Birthday On Set

Watch the Pacific Rim 2 Crew Celebrate John Boyega's Birthday On Set

Finn is turning 25 this weekend! ok, not really. But his human doppelgänger John Boyega is. And while many fans are awaiting his return in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the actor is also starring in another blockbuster sequel. He will be headlining next year's Pacific Rim: Uprising, which is currently shooting. Alas, he had to celebrate his latest birthday from the set. And today, he has shared video from the surprise party. He says this.

"Pleasant surprise !Turning 25 on set with the Pacific Rim family is an absolute joy ! Thank you all for the surprise #pacificrimuprising"

The video was shared by John Boyega on his Twitter. Ever since production started on Pacific Rim 2, we've gotten to see a number of photos from the set, many of which have come from John Boyega himself. He stars as Jake Pentecost, the son of Idris Elba's Stacker Pentecost from the original Pacific Rim. As of yet, Warner Bros. has not released an official synopsis for the movie.

Both John Boyega's Jake Pentecost and Scott Eastwood's character are Jaeger pilots. It's possible that they are partners, piloting the same Jaeger. They join a cast that reportedly includes original Pacific Rim stars Rinko Kikuchi (Mako Mori), Charlie Day (Newton Geisler}) and Burn Gorman (Gottlieb) and a previously-unannounced new cast member Karl Urban. We found out about these new cast members through a cast list that was seen on a set photo sent out by cinematographer Dan Mindel, which has since been removed.

While several of the original Pacific Rim stars will be back, it has been confirmed that Charlie Hunnam will not be returning to reprise his role as Jaeger pilot Raleigh Beckett. The actor did state in an interview that he's glad the sequel is happening and he's excited to watch the finished sequel next year. Stephen S. De Knight (Daredevil) is directing Pacific Rim 2 from a screenplay that has been worked on by Guillermo del Toro, Travis Beacham, Jon Spaihts, Emily Carmichael, Zak Penn, Kira Snyder and Derek Connolly. Legendary has issued a February 23, 2018 release date for Pacific Rim: Uprising, which was once believed to be titled Pacific Rim: Maelstrom.

The original Pacific Rim movie only earned $101 million at the domestic box office, but it earned $411 million worldwide, with $111.9 million coming from China alone, which was by far the biggest gross from any country worldwide. The Pacific Rim sequel was given the green light after Chinese investment group Dalian Wanda Group acquired a majority stake in Legendary Pictures. Pacific Rim: Uprising doesn't have any direct competition on February 23, 2018, but it will come between Marvel's superhero adventure Black Panther on February 16 and Warner Bros. shark thriller Meg on March 2. Take a look at the latest video from Pacific Rim: Uprising, as John Boyega celebrates the big two-five!

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