Aggressive Defenses For Drug Crimes

Aggressive Defenses For Drug Crimes

In Georgia, drug charges carry serious penalties. From possession to small amounts of marijuana to the sale or trafficking of controlled substances like methamphetamine or cocaine, drug convictions in Georgia have serious consequences.

If convicted, you could face expensive fines, the loss of your job and extensive jail time that will be difficult for you and your family. At Speights Law in Canton, we make it our mission to aggressively protect our clients from the harmful consequences of a drug crime conviction.

Challenging The Charges

The first step of facing serious charges is to have the right team of drug defense lawyers on your side. At our firm, the first thing we will do after you come to us is assess the best way to challenge the charges. We will consider a few options:

  • Was the search and seizure legal? We will investigate whether police had probable cause to search your home, vehicle or person. If your arrest resulted from a traffic stop, we will consider whether police had probable cause to stop your car. If a search was illegal, the evidence obtained from it will be considered inadmissible in court.

  • Were the drugs yours? If police found drugs in your home or vehicle, it is possible that the drugs did not belong to you. If there were others in the car at the time of your arrest, it may be impossible for prosecutors to prove that the drugs were yours — and not another passenger's. Similarly, if you live with other people, we may be able to poke holes in the case against you by showing that it is possible the drugs weren't yours.

  • Was the lab analysis accurate? We will consider challenging the lab's analysis of the drugs, including whether the quantity was as high as police claim it was and whether the drugs confiscated were the type of drugs police claimed they were. Just because a substance looks like drugs does not necessarily mean it is.
  • Whether you are facing simple drug possession charges or more serious charges for drug trafficking, distribution or intent to sell charges, we are ready to fight to protect your future and your freedom. We handle all types of drug charges, including those involving marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth and prescription drugs.
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